Danielle McWilliams LPC NCC

relevant and engaging therapeutic counseling for young people navigating modern life


Point of View:

Modern kids, teens and young adults are dynamic, unique and have access to the world like never before! At the same time, modern life’s relentless 24-hour-connected pace has created challenges and pressures previous generations never had to deal with; today new and age-old struggles to navigate childhood and adolescence combine, offering us the invitation to engage in creative, curious and compassionate adaptation in response!

 My counseling approach supports young people in their progress towards creating ideas about themselves that are positive and empowered, a process facilitated by the cultivation and development of these adaptation skills.  

Clients leave therapy with more tools to cope with both the problems affecting them now and to manage what life may bring them in the future.  With our powers combined, we team up to work through barriers of the past and current challenges keeping clients from realizing their potential and appreciating themselves; I help them gain confidence, guide their own ship, identify their strengths and discover who they are and who they can become!

Philosophy and Approach:

I work from a general theory base of Existential Humanistic and Systems Theory; focusing on the dynamics of creativity, mindfulness, and self-awareness within the context of a person’s worldview. My approach is collaborative and strengths-based, utilizing cognitive, experiential, somatic, creative and relational therapies to encourage clients’ abilities to problem solve, navigate modern life, self-comfort and develop their identity. Through this process of individualized, relevant, positive and engaging therapy, clients’ self-expression, awareness, empowerment, strengths and abilities are cultivated and opportunities for growth and healing can be explored and experienced.  

I take a deep interest in the details of clients’ lives; their tastes, preferences, interests, hobbies, pursuits and passions are mined for inspiration and relevance.  This can include using music, books, TV shows, movies, cultural practices, reference points, or values and life experiences to help us figure out what, where, and how to intervene. In sessions clients find a safe space to look at their experiences the resulting impact, to explore new ways of being, and to notice and develop their place in the world around them.